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>Only 30-ish Days To Go

>The cupcakes for our ucoming nuptial party are gonna rock. This baker is so talented and a pleasure to deal with. If all goes according to Hoyle, I’ll definitely give her a plug and recommendation to anyone on the hunt for a special cake. Other than a few miscellaneous items and a whole bunch of procrastinators I have to pester to RSVP, the work is done. Let the countdown to marriage begin!

Paquita is on vacation at Keith’s (why don’t you ever comment, Keith?!) while Christian and I hobnob in Montreal for the Just for Laughs comedy festival. I may not be blogging much here as I’m booked for a bunch of meetings and have a ton of shows on the agenda. But don’t fret you avid reader, you! I’ll be guest blogging for Comedy Central. I have high hopes to have a review or interview here and there mixed in with some general gossip and industry biz but I should keep the expectations low as rumor has it the hours logged of drinking and partying rival that of actual comedy. Wish list: I want to snag a quick Q&A with Drew Carey. He was one of my favorites for a time, pre-Drew Carey Show.

Oh, and did I mention we’ve been working with Bill B Design putting together a new website for Finny in anticipation of Montreal and his debut CD release? Many tweaks and pictures and add-ons will be forthcoming, but the bare bones will be up some time later tonight. So check it out at

Maybe Bill Cosby will want to be on the blog? Or maybe not.