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>Only in New York

>Four days into my first week in my new office location on the 29th Floor of a different Rockefeller Center building and this is what has happened in less than 24 hours:

A fire broke out on the ground floor. The building was evacuated using only stairwell “B” as stairwell “A” was fully contaminated with smoke. The door to stairwell “A” has a sign taped to it that says “Warning! Open carefully and slowly due to strong wind currents.” Perhaps this is why it was contaminated with smoke? Comforting. Real comforting.

A guy was shot in broad daylight right in front of Christian’s building which is about one street block from my building. Lorraine Bracco & Candice Bergen were on the scene (they were participating in the “Commander for a Day” program). Click here for the complete article.

The Daytime Emmys are being held across the street.

Anti-war protesters are conducting a demonstration in Rock Center.

Sometimes, I just don’t need any excitement.