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>Our New Addition (Hopefully!)

>This beautiful bunny was found with a cat. The owner is reclaiming the cat but surrendered this gorgeous, social butterfly. I have NO idea why! I tried to bring her home but American doesn’t allow rabbits to fly. A volunteer from NJ is kindly driving her back to me and she’ll be home by Sunday night!

Both eyes have perfect black rings around them and she greets me at her cage by hopping straight to me and sitting up on her hind legs. She loves alfalfa and didn’t mind it when I would bring a dog up to her cage as a test to see how she would do with Paquita. I also began gently testing putting a harness on her. My hope is that by Spring she’ll be used to wearing one so she can enjoy walks in Central Park. Christian said, “Oh, so now I have to decide which to walk…either a bunny or a chihuahua?” My poor boyfriend.

What should I name her?

UPDATE: We have a winner! Thanks to a private email from a reader named Kat, I have a name for my bunny: Maybelline. Perfect! It looks like she’s wearing Maybelline mascara AND she’ll have her own theme song courtesy of Chuck Berry.

Email me or leave your suggestions in my comments, please!