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>Oy, I’m glad I’m not single!

>I thought I was going to a media biz mixer. So, I arrived in a cute little silk/cashmere button up cardigan and a petite little string of delicate white droplets strung around my neck. I was hit on, pulled at, grabbed, stroked and slobbered on more than any piece of tart(are) I’ve ever done the same to all while draped in pearls, fergodsake! Imagine if I had known I was going to a single’s event. My “jewelry” of the sea has never been so violated.

Still, it was fun. I met the photographer for New York Magazine (I had better be in next month’s issue!), the head of Lord & Taylor’s retail department, and others. I saw the Astrotwins and some bachelor reality show lookalike (I’m not convinced that he wasn’t actually on a show) that sidled up to me for a few moments before he moved on to warmer waters.

I broke every little flashing red magnetic heart I touched. No lie. It was too ominous for my liking.

Real hearts can’t be broken, right?