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>Page Six 2026

>New York Post reporters Mandy Stadtmiller and Raakhee Mirchandani along with Ballyhoo Promotions clients Anthony DeVito & Chrisitan Finnegan and a handful of other reporters and comics came up with Page Six 2026. It’s an entire mock up of what Page Six might look like in the future. It’s pretty clever and witty so check it out here.

Mandy also wrote a piece on page 79 about tonight’s panel on voice over artistry being held at the AMMI. My Tex in the City partner & friend Scott is actually going to it tonight so we planed to meet up for a quick bite beforehand. In a funny little serendipity thing (a lot of which is happening these days), Mandy is going to the panel and invited me to use her extra ticket. So, turns out I’ll be Mandy’s plus one for free entry and get to hang out with Scott a little longer than expected.