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>The opening of Papillon was filled with very attractive 30-somethings. There must have been 150 or more folks there enjoying the full open bar and wide open space of the upstairs dining area. The space is lovely but a bit on the loud side, so don’t plan on an intimate, romantic dinner there. While the free booze was nice, my friend Keith and I were hungry and there was little to no food to be found. Now, I’m no rocket scientist, but I think when you’re unveiling a new restaurant you should serve some signature grub. That said, the one — literally only one — hor d’ouvres I tried was really tasty. Since we were starving, we headed over to P.J. Clarke’s for some good old fashioned burgers.

Had I stuck out The Price is Right experience today is the day my episode would have aired. I’m curious to see how many groups are in the audience and if I’ll recognize anyone from the line. If there’s not big groups and I see people I remember, I’ll be disappointed we didn’t hang in there.

I have my kitchen window open to enjoy the fresh Spring air. While in the bathroom I heard some furious squeaking. “Oh no! My mouse is trapped somewhere!” I raced into the kitchen to see if the mouse that has been evading my no-kill trap was poking out anywhere. Turns out it was a bird. Guess that’s a true sign of urban living that the sound of a bird chirping is so foreign but the sound of a mouse in my house isn’t out of the question.