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>Paquita and the Tree

>It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We decorated our little bush and got Paquita a cute new red sweater with a big snowflake.

I’m taking two bags of gifts to Comix today for wrapping and delivery to our adopted family. Most of it cost nary a penny so being charitable doesn’t have to cost much. Though we are spending cash later this week when we get them gift cards to Blockbuster and Target. Blockbuster? What if they don’t have a VCR or DVD player? Aha! Well, we’re getting them a little portable one. That way if they have to pack up and move again (not unlikely for these types of situations) it will be a cinch to take with them. Think of the hours of entertainment they’ll have and the mom will be able to have a break every now and then. It’s something that all four will get enjoyment from. We think it’s a pretty great gift idea in addition to all the more practical gifts we’re giving them like gloves and stuff. Any other ideas? Want to donate? Email me!