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>Pardon Me While I Rant

>I’m just gonna come out and say it: Good Riddance! I’m so sick of families of criminals whining about how the cops overreacted or their (criminal) brother, son, father, cousin, nephew whatever didn’t deserve to die, get beaten, whatever.

The cops should have beaten my dad to an unidentifiable pulp before they so politely arrested him. He slit a woman’s throat. He nearly severed her head. He stabbed her five times. Go ahead and fuck him with a splintery broomstick — you have my permission, and I actually still love my dad dearly despite his crime.

Now the family of this kid in the linked article hasn’t complained (yet), but if they do I’ll be the first one in line backing up the police. It wouldn’t be an issue if the thug weren’t up to no good in the first place, putting innocent people in danger and menacing society.

Oh sure it is sad for any family to lose a loved one no matter what the course of death, but place blame where blame is due. Before you go and cry to the ACLU, I’m not advocating police violence – especially when that violence is towards an innocent or resulting from a minor offense. I’m simply saying that if one plays with fire, one is likely to be burned. A career criminal shouldn’t be surprised to find his head bashed in some day by the police or anyone else.

Okay, rant over, here’s a reminder for you:

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