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>Parties and Planning

>At the Drink at Work Presents show at Siberia last Monday, I had the pleasure of chatting with comedian Shayna Ferm. She, too, is getting married and was excited to chat all things bridal with me which made me realize just how not into the whole wedding planning thing I am. Shayna has the added task of an out of town wedding (Denver), so she really has no choice but to be on top of things. I plan major events all the time these days, so August 12th seems just like any other gig to me instead of the day I get hitched.

Actually, its even better than any past gig, since we have the money to pay for stuff unlike many events I’ve organized where wheeling, dealing, bartering and begging are common strategies. I think back to the biggest and most impressive party I threw, the Jest Magazine launch party, and how tremendous of a task it was and an even bigger success. We had hilarious invitations, numerous celebrity and major VIP guests, models passing out free tequila, an ice sculpture, an open tequila and rum bar, DJ, gift bags and a gorgeous space plus rooftop garden all for FREE. All told we spent $300 for postage, the photographer and the invitation printing. My NYU professor for continuing education PR studies was blown away at my final tally.

I think about how impressed my friend Scott was at what a big blowout it was and that I did it entirely on my own and know that, in comparison, this whole wedding thing will be a breeze. Of course we’re trying to keep costs down, but when you actually pay for things suddenly the work isn’t hard at all. Shayna was so enthusiastic at sharing ideas she actually managed to get me a little excited. But then I remembered we’re not having cake, a guest book, dj, dancing…this party is going to suck.

What to do? What to do?