Personal Appearances

An acclaimed storyteller and public speaker, Kambri’s vibrant stage presence, compelling story and use of American Sign Language keeps audiences riveted. She welcomes invitations to appear at schools, universities, comedy clubs, libraries, and other venues. She is also happy to join your class or reading group in a discussion of her work.

Her appearances can be tailored to specific needs and range from keynote speeches or comedic storytelling to interactive Q&A sessions.

~Why you should host author Kambri Crews~

  • Crews’s experience as a child of deaf parents (CODA) sets her apart from the pack of dysfunctional childhood stories.
  • Larger philosophical questions about deafness, disability, punishment and forgiveness give the story a much broader scope.
  • Her inspiring story of persevering over poverty, domestic violence, and substance abuse shows that anything is possible, even forgiveness.

~Potential Topics Include~
Domestic Violence
Overcoming Adversity
Crime & Punishment
Being a Child of Deaf Adults
Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Marketing & Promotion Strategies
Stand Up Comedy and Producing

~Credits Include~
University of Texas
University of Oregon
Grand Rapids Community College
New York Public Library
National Black Deaf Advocates
Texas Book Festival
Administration of Children’s Services (NYC)
Northwestern Connecticut Community College

~Endorsements & Feedback~

“You presented your story with humor, intelligence and passion was able to present both the heartbreaks and triumphs of your life in a very effective manner.  You touched many of the participants in profound ways and we really appreciate that you gave of yourself in this way. Your presentation and book described some of the things that were lost to you and your family as a result of your father’s abusive behavior but you also emphasized the memories of your father and behaviors that support your maintaining your relationship with him.  As an agency, we have to work with the entire family when domestic violence is discovered and, after safety is secured, we need to understand the nature of the relationship of the children with both parents whether or not families separate or remain together.” — B. Indira Ramsaroop, Administration for Children’s Services

In all my years, we have never hosted such a generous, warm-hearted, and dynamic writer.” — April Dolata, Northwestern Connecticut Community College

“We received much praise from attendees following the book reading and your presentations.  It was all considered quite informative and an eye-opener even by seasoned ACS people, who’ve seen it all. ”  — Jesse Kasowitz, Administration for Children’s Services

“In my eyes, you are an heroine. Your dialogue about your father is incredibly amazing. It takes a person, a survivor, with a miraculous magnitude of strength to be able to see the human side of your father in spite of what he did…You are not only a survivor, you have transformed into a thriver. Thank you for sharing your valuable lessons of compassion with the world…You are so courageous.” Julie Rems-Smario, DeafHope

“. . . Her voice is fresh, fearless and singular – with an ability to craft a story you’ll never be able to forget, but also not be able to stop talking about.”Mandy Stadtmiller, columnist, New York Post &

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