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>Please Welcome, Coming to the Stage…

>I made my stage debut at Stand Up NY last night. No, I wasn’t doing stand up. I participated in a Newlywed Game type of Q&A with Geno Bisconte for his It’s Geno show. It takes a certain personality and the right energy sustained over the course of an evening to make a good host and Geno was perfect. The audience was light — Sunday night in New York the same night as the first Red Sox v. Yankees match up since the World Series apparently keeps the kids at home — but everyone had a great time.

My favorite exchange was when Geno asked me what my favorite breakfast cereal was. “Vodka,” I answered, which garnered a laugh. Christian grabbed my arm and menacingly warned me, “I’m the comic. You don’t get to be funny. I’m the funny one here, got it?” Domestic abuse = hilarity.

My new favorite restaurant is the Cub Room. We had eaten there once before, but had gotten there so late that they were out of their Cub Steak. I made sure to make an early reservation for Christian’s birthday dinner so as not to miss out on some Grade A meat. Served with parmesan-garlic potato gratin, fresh spinach with lemon zest, the Cub Steak is a buttery, delightful portion of filet mignon which was prepared to a perfect medium rare. Our server was pleasant and attentive and the wine list was extensive and varied.

I love the decor, however, due to the crazy wind and rain the space was fairly empty for our relatively early dinner, which made it feel less intimate. The apple tart was a dissappointment — too hard and slightly burnt. The accompanying hazelnut ice cream was nice, but nothing spectacular. Not a glowing review, I suppose, but that meat, oh my, that heavenly flesh.