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>Christian was great on Loveline last night. I was still illin’, so I stayed home. It was hard as hell for me to stay awake with my hangover, but once I heard his name come out of Dr. Drew’s mouth, I perked up. By the second hour, he had warmed up and gotten the hang of things.

The Apiary should be running a Q&A with Christian today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and tonight’s airing of Friday Night Stand Up on Comedy Central from 9:00 – 11:00. It’s all the stuff we filmed in Dublin and by looking at some of the promos CC has been running, it turned out pretty well.

Tonight, it’s beer with my girlfriend Sarah and her fellow crew members of Robot Chicken at their studio where we’ll watch all the stuff they shot this week. Interestingly, Seth Green (writer, producer, cast member of Robot Chicken) will be the guest host of Loveline on April 4th. The guest host of Loveline the day before Christian? Danny Bonaduce.

Christian has been asked to do some red carpet / back stage stuff at the TV Land Awards. The guy who did it last year? Danny Bonaduce. We can’t get away from the guy. I hope his reality show crew isn’t following him to the awards. I don’t want the producer to recognize us from the restaurant the other night.