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>Popeye’s & Television

>I don’t know what kind of crack they stir in the pot, but Popeye’s chicken should be dubbed cracken. How have I missed this eighth wonder? And the potatos…oh….I love me some fake mashed potatos and cracken before settling in to some DVR.*

On the lineup, Christian‘s Comedy Central Presents (hey, I was transferring it to mini-DV so we can pitch all our VHS tapes…hello, new cabinet space), 60 Minutes, Vanished and the pilot Andy Barker, PI.

By the by, if you subscribe to NetFlix you can get Studio 60 to watch in advance. Check it out! What an excellent promotion to get pre-show buzz and the strongest vote of confidence a studio can give to a new show. They must have read the Tipping Point, too. I kind of want my pal, NetFlix user Keith, to get it to see if it differs from the version I have.

Incidentally, I found it telling how much effort is invested into various new shows. The Winner has had barely a whisper by Fox, CBS is advertising heavily for The Class, NBC is going balls out for Studio 60 and Andy, Who? Methinkest it has something to do with quality and potential but I haven’t watched the latter two as of the typing of this entry so my apologies in advance to Andy Barker should I be mistaken. NBC has it slated for an October release so does that qualify it as a mid-season replacement?

Anyway, back in the day when I used to play golf and watch it (Hey, I lived in Akron and was a bank executive — for reals, I wore suits and foreclosed on million dollar and up commercial real estate!), I despised the up-and-coming Tiger Woods. After watching Ed Bradley‘s comprehensive report on 60 Minutes, well, color me humbled. I don’t think I have PMS but I got tight in the throat at least three times and was just overwhelmed & humbled by everything Tiger. Even the piece by Andy Whatshisface was good (about how electric/telephone poles ruin the landscape) but I caught him looking at a cheat sheet taped to his desk, hidden by his hands. It bummed me out. It ruined his rant and made him look fragile. I know he’s old, but can’t they edit this stuff or, jeez, get him cue cards? Or do they hate him that much?

Coming up: Reviews of Andy Barker, PI and The Class. By the time I get around to watching and reviewing Studio 60 it will be on air and all the NetFlix users will be blogging it so I’ll cut myself some slack here. The jury is still out on Vanished (the first two episodes have already aired) and I owe Keith first disclosure when we hang out tomorrow. He and I are rabid 24 fans (Hi, Mary Lynn!! Woot!) and he’s the one who made me record/watch Vanished. (Why not Kidnapped?) I feel kind of dirty.

Finally, I’m working on making new video clips for Christian’s website in anticipation of his CD release and trying to figure out what one wears to a movie premiere that’s essentially a memorial honoring Rodney Dangerfield. On one hand, it’s a serious occasion (memorial-ish); on the other, it’s for Rodney Dangerfield, lover of boobies and partying and, hell, we’re in NYC and wouldn’t the dude look down from Heaven into my cleavage and think, “Finally, some respect!” I should go shopping, shouldn’t I? Sigh. I hate fashion and shopping.*

*The best part? I have leftovers!