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>Potential Suicide Bombers Take Note

>I live equidistant between two stops in Queens on the R/V/G line. One is famed Steinway Street the other 36th Street. I usually walk to the former because it’s more populated, I pass a deli on the way for my morning paper and it’s generally safer. The latter, however, is one stop closer to the city (I’m a whopping three stops from my part time office in the City) and during daylight hours is a pretty safe walk along Northern Boulevard. But the stop itself is sketchy. I have often been the only one on the platform — on either side — for long stretches of time. As I ventured in to the city for two parties last night, I snapped this photo as evidence of how deserted the stop is. I have watched a baby mouse turn into this:

Notice the angle of the photo? Yep, I’m sitting on the bench and he’s just hanging out right next to my feet. About five minutes later a woman came through the turnstile and made to sit down next to me when she gasped and froze in her tracks. I said, “Oh don’t worry, he’s been there forever munching on something.” She didn’t buy it and ran the other way which sent my friend lazily trotting the other way before heading back to whatever he was eating in the crack. Really, there’s not much for him to worry about there on 36th Street. I see him every time I’m there. He has passed me on the stairs, has snuck in and out of holes and cans and is just generally found hanging out. If he isn’t worried about the fuzz, why would a terrorist be? You could set up shop and build a bomb in that station and take your sweet time doing it, too. So, yeah, random bag searches are fruitless when you consider the dozens of other stations just like this one: uncared for, unnoticed and a place a rat could call home.

Summer colds stink and I have a doozy. Not good for the big party tomorrow.