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>– A very small blurb on the fundraiser was in today’s NY Daily News. Read the whole article here.

–The same quote of Christian‘s that I got in Entertainment Weekly was published in today’s Page Six along with another one I submitted. Read it here.

Day Three & Four of our “Vacation”
Day three was spent at home mostly working my tail off on the fundraiser and watching CNN. It was the holiday and we just assumed every place in the City would be annoying. Day Four of our “vacation in our own city” was yesterday. I woke up super early and emailed people furiously until noon when we took the subway up to the Bronx Zoo.

Getting there was a cinch and the $21 Pay One Price was outstanding since we enjoyed four of the special rides & attractions that cost $2 or $3 each.

Congo Gorilla Forest
Well done, interesting, informative and allows for really up close interactions with the gorillas and other monkeys.

Watch one young gorilla hump another one

Children’s Zoo
Okay. Standard animals to pet: goats, llamas, sheep, etc. in the petting area.

There were also really neat animals we never saw anywhere else in the zoo. Great, right? Yes, but the zoo didn’t post any info on these animals at all other than their names. I really like reading about the animals’ native lands, interesting facts, etc. I was a little bummed that since it was the children’s area, the zoo assumed no real heavy learning could be done. Lame. But since it was for kids, it allowed really close, personal viewing. These lemurs are much closer than they appear.

The Butterfly Garden
Such a peaceful and lovely exhibit. I was fascinated watching a butterfly furiously stick his proboscis into any and every flower hole he could find.

Here’s the best picture I could get with my so-so camera and patience.

After we left the butterfly exhibit, I spied a kitten prowling nearby. I alerted the ticket taker who said, “Oh. Yeah. We’re supposed to tell our Supervisor when we see those.” I hope they get the little fella safely before he wanders in to the bear exhibit.

The Skyfari should be SCARE-fari!

The Skyfari really isn’t scary. It was actually a nice smooth trip which allowed us to view the wild life from above:

Fun, fun, fun!