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>In anticipation of the Miami Improv gig, the Sun Sentinel re-ran an interview I scored for Christian last Christmas in Houston. I was reading it thinking, “This sounds way too familiar,” before realizing it was an exact re-print. Regardless, it’s good, so you can read it here if you missed it the first time around.

The Drink at show this past Sunday was the best one yet, Carol reported. Ces, as in Francesco Marciuliano, read a piece he wrote about Sally Forth hate mail and Sean Crespo showed a video of a fake casting he and his writing partner did in LA several years ago. And Craig Baldo was great, of course. Baldo will be DJing our “wedding”, too. Awesome.

The Drink at Work folks are so amazing…you really should go to the next show on June 5th or the one after on June 26th. Really.