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QED Update

Sound absorbing room dividing curtain and stage curtain plus all the fixtures, tracks, everything needed to install have been ordered at a final tally of $3,850. GUH! A steep price to be sure but so, so, SO much cheaper than the sliding doors I wanted and, it turns out, much more sound proof than any barn door cutting down on 70% decibels or whatever the lingo is.

They’re one of the biggest expenses of this whole venture but essential to the success of the space. If this place goes belly up, I will not even be able to set these drapes on fire since they’re certified fire-proof to satisfy the fire code. But I’m not gonna have that problem, will I? NOPE!

Um, what else? My amazing contractor and I plotted out the specifics for the concession stand equipment, tile and stone top. Much to the dismay of the folks at HGTV who try to brainwash me, I did not insist on GRANITE COUNTERTOPS! I chose a more cost-effective, sturdy, man-made Caesarstone top and we’re still pricing tile for the front. We want an opalescent, gradient tile but it’s probably way more expensive than what my contractor budgeted. We’re shopping around, though, and it will be a-okay no matter what.

Christian started cutting the moulding and might divorce me over it. We got more paint samples and settled on paint color per my post below. I’ve started adding shows and classes to the website (just a couple as I’m still not clear on the interface and am tweaking things before I go whole hog), Jeremy Doucette kindly volunteered to plot the floorplan to satisfy the NY State Liquor Authority’s requirement and Kyria Lydia Abrahams volunteered to work on the draft menu. Grateful to both of them for allowing me to check off two things, while I work on the 1,000 other things. I did get my passport photos taken for the license application and met with Liam McEneaney and Lisa Levy about shows and stuff. Liam has booked a ton of great things for November which really made me kick myself into gear and say to myself many, many times: