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>I can’t imagine how Fran the Nanny was from Flushing…she’s not Asian. I was amazed at this whole other Chinatown in Queens. All hustle and bustle on the outside and octupus and eyeballs on the inside. Not a thing was written in English anywhere. Anywhere. It was fun window shopping and marveling at how busy a city Flushing is when the bigger city is just a few minutes away. All the Chinese New Year celebration decorations were being sold in every single storefront sending me festive brain waves.

I got home and curled up on the couch with The Secret Life of Bees and had a good cry for Lily. It was a really loving Southern yarn about sisterhood, spirituality, racism and so much more. In doing my recap of the year project, I realized I have read a crapload of books in the last year. A trend that I hope continues and is off to a good start with two books down this month alone. I’m beat, though. I haven’t woken up to an alarm clock in God knows how long and I feel zapped. Time for some zzz’s before meeting Liam in Queens later tonight. Look for a write up on Liam and his show Tell Your Friends along with Andres du Bouchet and Giant Tuesday Night… in the NY Post this Saturday. Color photos included.