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>Comedian Christian Finnegan (VH1’s Best Week Ever, Chappelle’s Show) was on The Today Show on July 20, 2005. Here are a few things he said to Katie Couric:

On Jude Law having an affair with his children’s nanny:

“Getting mad as Jude Law for seducing women is like getting mad at a hamster for running on a wheel. It’s what he does.”

“What’s really sad is somewhere in America a morning radio DJ is putting together a really awful parody of the song ‘Hey Jude’.”

On Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson getting married for the 3rd time:

“The question here isn’t ‘Will the bride be wearing white?’- it’s ‘Will the bride be wearing anything?'”

On Cameron Diaz having posed for topless photos:

“At this point, I’d be more surprised to find out a star hadn’t taken topless photos. I mean, what were we expecting to find out, that Cameron Diaz is secretly a member of Mensa? That someone uncovered her long-lost college thesis?”

Wonder if Time or EW will pick him again?