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>Radio Clip, Oscar Jokes for the Actual Oscars, Debbie Harry & More!


Christian was on Elliot in the Morning in DC on DC101 (zowie they have a lot of listeners!) and plugged my Love, Daddy site. They just posted the audio clip and he made me laugh out loud a few times. Especially when he called my dad the Fonzie of the Deaf community. Here’s the clip for you to enjoy . He starts talking about me and my family about mid-way through.

To listen to his whole hour on the show, visit the Elliot in the Morning site here:

As for Christian, well, he’s busy writing Oscar jokes. Yes, for the party we’re hosting (we’re up to 120 RSVPs already!) but also for the actual Oscars. You read it right. Dude is writing jokes that have a slim chance of being spoken on air during the freaking Academy Awards. At our viewing party on Sunday, we’ll have a running tally of what jokes actually make it through. (We’re guessing zero.)

Um, what else? Debbie Harry is coming to John Robert’s show at Comix tomorrow. So is Babydaddy from Scissor Sisters and Amy Carlson from Guiding Light. Some menagerie, huh?

This beats living in a trailer any day.