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>Radio was amazing today.

>Really, really great radio. We first visited WNCI where I got to say “To all the broken spirits toiling away at Bank One on Polaris Parkway: LEAVE! RUN! Break free and head for the exits!” Then it was on to a country station then on to WBZX where we enjoyed Free Beer Friday and over an hour and a half on the air with Grego, Mo & Randi.

Grego insisted he knew me from somewhere. I assumed Columbus but then he threw out Texas. I said impossible…no one knows the tiny town I’m from. He kept pressing till I mentioned Montgomery to which he said, “You lived off Honea Egypt?” I freaked! The place went nuts and Christian pretended to cry about Grego having possibly slept with me. Then a guy called in saying he knew me from Texas. Then my friend Zach called in and got on the air. Not very exciting when I haphazardly relay the events for this page, but selfishly this entry is more for me to remember the moment when I read through old entries as I sometimes do.

There are two shows tonight, three tomorrow and one on Sunday so if you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area stop on by the Funny Bone at Easton.