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>I’m looking for a company who produces custom stickers and postcards. Any recommendations?

I hate empire waste styles unless they show lots of boobies, otherwise it’s just midwestern maternity garb or a PMS cover-up. Which reminds me…anyone hear of the “Midwestern or Lesbian” website? It’s a quiz site where you have to decide if a a woman is a lesbian or just midwestern based on her photo. As someone who lived in Ohio for ten years, this amuses me greatly but I can’t find it anywhere.

Christian left me for that bitch L.A. this morning. I’ll see him again on the 15th, I think, but I can’t really keep track anymore. Turns out Craig Ferguson has had some schedule changes so Christian will be recording his set tonight! Air date TBD. He was bummed since he didn’t have a chance to get any practice sets in under his belt. Note: They make him decide on and transcribe his set list and submit it ahead of time for review. Then they make him edit it for the tee vee which means removing curse words, name brands anything else that will make the FCC get hard. That means he has never said his cleaned up set out loud in front of an audience. He’s a professional, so he’ll be fine but it’s just another wrench he has to dodge or a bullet in the works or whatever…you get my drift.