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>After “Scene Change” and a 15 hour work day, I was beat. It was too late at night to take the subway alone and the taxi strike meant no one wanted to pick me up for a trip to Queens. So I slept on Molly’s couch and went to work yesterday in the same suit I had on the day before. I would have happily gone home after waking up but I had to meet with the head of XM’s programming & production. He was overseeing production of another event we had called “Unmasked” featuring Ron of “Ron & Fez” interviewing Jeff Garlin. Jeff was pretty funny which you’ll be able to hear for yourself on XM in a few weeks once the final edit is complete.

Tonight I’m having dinner with a childhood friend. His parents grew up with mine at the deaf school in Oklahoma, and my brother & I grew up with him and his sister. The eight of us, at one time, were inseparable. His mom and sis came to my and Finny’s wedding, but I haven’t seen him in years. I can’t wait to tell him about “ASL in the Raw,” the show by and for the Deaf that I’m promoting this November…maybe he’ll come back to NYC for that one. I’d love to take him and his partner to a movie premiere I have tickets to for tonight but it’s not closed captioned for the Deaf. Instead we’ll chill in the Meatpacking District and catch up on each others lives. That’s much better in my book! Finny flies home from LA today and is so cool that he’s going to cab it straight from the airport to which ever restaurant we choose. (Flight cancelled so he’s going to be a surprise guest in Buffalo on Mike Birbiglia’s “Secret Public Tour” with Comedy Central.) He’s so awesome and unselfish. Christian won’t complain too much though as I know he is going to LOVE my old friend. He’s quite a character.

No luck or progress on the precinct / 311 / parking on the sidewalk business. It’s very disconcerting and frustrating to know that you can’t do anything because of red tape, passing the buck and bureaucracy. Dealing with the precinct has been very disconcerting and is more worrisome than any car parking issue. The NYPD’s 114th Precinct has not gotten the memo about the motto: “Courtesy – Professionalism – Respect.”