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>Random Superhero Weakness

>Sunday I hung around a kid who turns three years old today. His name was Ben and he was desperately trying to coax the adults into playing various games with him. At one point Ben donned a Spiderman outfit. That nearly sold me but I remained strong and resisted the urge to fly a plastic Superman doll through the air. During a bathroom break I noticed Ben had stripped himself of his superhero outfit and asked, “Hey, where’s your Spiderman costume?”

“I peed on it.” He replied very matter of factly. He continued enthusiastically, “Come on let’s play, come upstairs . . .”

What? No hesitation? No shame? The freedom! Every so often someone would ask him where his outfit was and every time Ben would say, “I peed on it.” Every time. How cool is that? I’m going to use that line all day tomorrow & see how it works for me.


Who knew Spiderman had bladder control issues? His superhero weakness is not being exploited by the villains properly.