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>Reality Bites (a Danish)

>I was prepared to trash the new reality show Biggest Loser, but how can I when the every lovely and talented Kelly is there! Click here for her official website.

Actually, I’m gonna critique it anyway.

To give these contestants the opportunity to kick it into gear and get into shape is awesome. My adoration of Kelly aside, the people are so incredibly endearing that I want them to lose, I want them to win. Kicking someone off after only one week seems so cruel; that person is sure to suffer a setback. That said, I hope Kelly sends their collective asses home! But the sensitivity web NBC is trying weave is such B.S. Don’t play soft music and play to my PMEstrual heartstrings as though you’re conducting a serious exploration of weight loss when all the while you know you’re going to throw in ridiculous “challenges” like having them bake bread and cookies and tempt them with sweet treats. Oh, I won’t disagree that it all makes for riv-o–ting television, but let’s call a spade a spade here.

Incidentally, that makes two of the three comedians on the show at the Regatta Bar to have appeared on a reality show. Gary Gulman was the 1st runner up on the 2nd season of Last Comic Standing. That show was so poorly attended back then. I bet the people of Boston would be lining up to see them now.


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