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>Wednesday night I read from Love, Daddy – Letters & Stories From My Jailed Deaf Dad for “8 Million Stories” produced by the Gathering of the Tribes in New York. It was a strange little place but perfect for my virgin reading.

I was happy to have some friendly, familiar faces in the crowd for my first time “performing” in about eight years. I am out of practice, definitely, as I was so short of breath the whole time but think that was mainly due to nerves. Hopefully, I’ll get better & better as my confidence grows.

I’ve always worried that the story is just too heavy and weird for people to feel comfortable laughing so I had two intentional bits of comic relief peppered in. I was pleasantly surprised at the laughs I wasn’t expecting at things I had no idea were funny.

Anyway, here is a super short clip for your potential enjoyment:
Larry Story

There’s another one posted over at Love, Daddy. Check it out or come watch me read it live on Sunday, May 14th at the Back Fence.

The Sunburnt Cow is a great restaurant.