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>Richard Lewis Kills…Almost Literally

>Did you read my Latest Ballyhoo? If not, then you missed this gem about the Saturday late show:

Legendary comedian Richard Lewis had them choking with laughter at Comix on Saturday night…literally. A young woman enjoyed the homemade mini-donuts so much she popped a whole one in her mouth and began to choke. Thanks to the quick action of a Comix security guard who administered the Heimlich maneuver, she lived to tell the tale. After she gave Richard the thumbs up, he resumed killing the audience with his trademark neurotic comedy.

After I called 911 then called them off after she was deemed okay, our tech guy marveled that she was going to stay for the rest of the show. It reminded me of a time I lunched with Jack at Ben Benson’s, a very popular, old school steak house here in the City. It was early so we were only one of a few tables when a big ruckus interrupted our conversation. A man was choking. His lunch mate sprung up, gave him the Heimlich, the chunk of steak went flying, he coughed once or twice before sitting down, sipped some water then…ate the rest of the steak.

It was so quick and surreal but what else are you gonna do? He paid for the steak (not cheap even at lunch prices) and she paid for the donuts and the show which weren’t done yet. In her case, she would have caused even more of a disruption by snaking her way through the crowd. So, yay, thanks for saving my life now could you pass the salt. Weird and the only obvious choice all at once.

Okay, back to PR mode. FYI: You can save $5 to see my friend Chuck Nice headline this weekend with the promo code: NICEWEB. Tickets for the Saturday shows are almost sold out, so I’d recommend buying now or sticking with Friday. If you don’t know Chuck, he’s a real treat. He co-hosts “The Radio Chick” on 92.3 Free FM and is on VH1’s “Best Week Ever” with my husband Christian Finnegan. In fact, they’re two of the remaing four original panelists from the show.

As of today, Christian is back on the road with his Comedy Central tour which heads to Texas next week. I had hoped to go but with the surrounding tour dates and a corporate gig back here in NYC it would mean me flying there and back for one night. Harumph. Guess I’ll have to try having a personal life some other time.

For my Texas friends, details are now online here.