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>Rick Shapiro Re-Cap

>Here’s a photo I took Thursday morning of Anthony, Opie, Jim Norton & Rick Shapiro outside the Free FM studio just before they began the walk over to the XM studio. Rick was there to promote his appearance at Comix and did a great job on the radio talking about his days of hustling (i.e., giving bl*wj*bs for heroin) and other shocking tales of his past. He’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

At one point during his show last night at Comix, Rick ripped his shirt off on stage. After the show he asked us to scrounge one up for him so he could go home more than semi-dressed since it was pretty chilly. My pal Keith happened to be there to watch the Mets game with me on the two giant flat screens in the main bar of Comix. Keith volunteered to come to Rick’s rescue, so I escorted Keith to the green room where he disrobed and gave Rick one of the shirts off his back…literally.

Later as Rick chatted with his fans at the bar, Keith leaned in and quietly asked, “I’m never going to see that shirt again, am I?” It was a tee that Keith got after completing a marathon. I love the idea that Rick, who probably has never run a marathon or even a mile in his life except maybe from the cops, is walking around New York with a shirt declaring that he has.

Anyway, Rick is a really cool character and I just loved teasing and joking around with him. I look forward to his coming back to Comix again soon and when he does, I’ll pack extra clothes.