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>Robot Chicken Sneak Peek

>Based on the dailies of the new Robot Chicken we caught a sneak peak of yesterday, I can safely say you MUST watch it if you like to laugh. Each episode is about 12 minutes of non-stop hilarity. That’s a nice bite size chunk of rolling laughter for your day.

Sarah invited me back for another tour of the studio where she and a whole host of other animators create wacky shorts with Corey Haim & Corey Feldman (dolls are modeled in exact likeness of and voiced by the real Coreys), Heathcliff & Garfield, an original Weird Al song about smashing weasels (again, it’s the real Weird Al), and -my favorites- prankster time travelers from the future and “Cork” a mentally retarted private detective. I have video I shot of her showing us on 8 second clip of a scene she shot yesterday – a whole day! – but I can’t show it to you until the episode airs. It’s so wrong but you’ll laugh your socks off.)

We met Seth Green who I can sense is genuinely excited about his project. He seemed to be trying to place how he knew Christian. I’m not sure if he was just being nice (Sarah had told him of our impending visit and a little bit about Christian) or if he actually did recognize Christian, but either way he was super-gracious and welcoming.

We were invited to stay to watch the dailies of everything that had been shot in this last week. It’s astounding how much and how little is accomplished in one week. When you see each shot and watch it with the knowing eye of what it takes to make it, it is impressive how many clips were completed in just five days. But when you add them all up and piece them together, there was maybe 15 minutes worth of material to go through.

My & Sarah’s mission: get Christian to do a voice over. Wouldn’t that be fun?!