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>Roseanne Barr & Rosie O’Donnell at Comix, Continued

>Roseanne blogged about Rosie doing a guest set at Comix:

Extra had the right info: Play the video.

Entertainment Tonight and the million other websites and news organizations who ran the incorrect Daily News Rush & Molloy item got it wrong: Play the video.

Rosie did NOT start off the set by saying “When I was fired by Barbara Walters.” She was doing a bit about being in the mall with her kids and mimicked an imaginary person’s thoughts when they see her scold her kids in public, “She’s such bitch. No wonder Barbara Walters fired her.” It was a joke and it was funny.

It’s amazing to see first hand how rumors get started and spread like wild fire. Only two news groups asked Comix (me) to verify the quote! We have it recorded but we’re not allowed to release the clip. I assure you, though, the night was electric and the crowd was ecstatic. A moment we will never, ever forget! Thanks to both of these talented women for creating such an amazing memory for us to cherish always.