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>Running on Empty

>I’m a broken record these days with promoting shows and talking about my busy-ness and lack of sleep. Today was a whirlwind. Nina Hartley is the coolest woman ever. I was really upset that she didn’t make it on to Opie & Anthony this morning as I think she would have been a very lively guest. They were busy and we were a last minute addition so she never made it on air. Instead, she & I talked our heads off in the green room and I know a lot more about blow jobs (“If wives would just give their husbands blow jobs there wouldn’t be prostitutes.”) and laser hair removal than if I had read every website and book on the market. The woman is learned and did I say cool? I did? Well, it’s worth mentioning again. I like her. She’s cool.

So, I got up at 4:30 this morning (how am I still functioning at this hour?!) after a fitful night of sleep — afraid of oversleeping meant I got zilch. My car arrived on schedule, Nina was prompt and the morning was a bust. BUT, Nina had a gamillion other personal appearances and book signings today and Caroline Rhea‘s radio was smooth sailing and fun. If you have Sirius, you can listen to Caroline tomorrow on the Jay Thomas Show (I LOVE Jay Thomas and he’s a fellow Tex in the City!) and Seth Rudetsky’s show. Even better, you could come to Comix. Use the discount code “hilda” to save 25% off your ticket.