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>Running on Fumes

>I went to bed at 2:00 only to pop awake at 6:00 unable to fall back asleep. My first of two assistants starts today so a light is peering in at the end of the tunnel. Don’t know what I’m talking about? I was appointed Publicity Director of this AMAZING new comedy nightclub in NYC called Comix. You can read the official press release here.

I’ve already gotten into the groove by scoring some great radio spots for Kathleen Madigan who is headlining this weekend. She doesn’t have a lot of name recognition for regular folks but in the comedy business she rules. Everyone loves her and her comedy so you should come check her out. I’ll work on getting you readers a discount. UPDATE: Discount of 25% if you use the code “VIP”
The best part — besides, of course, STAFF MEALS!!! — is that this nightclub is an amazing venue for non-comedy events like the Drama Dept. show (see below), fundraisers like this one that Run DMC is hosting and music and even television and film events since the place boasts pristine sound and is completely equipped with A/V equipment. The possibilities are endless. I am MORE than excited but also determined to work like you’ve never seen me work before. So expect more tales of 2:00 AM bedtimes followed by 6:00 AM blog posts.

This also means you, dear reader, will benefit from first hand knowledge, discount offers and more as my big old internet hug and kiss to you for reading and checking out my events. Mwah! You rule.

Morning radio should be moved to the afternoon.