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>Saturday Night Live Synched.

>News flash, Ashlee Simpson isn’t really talented. In case you weren’t sure, here’s the proof. Too bad SNL doesn’t pre-record all those shitty skits and lip synch some remotely funny lines and leave the “live” part to singers who can actually sing.

Friday Night Lights

…was NOT set in 1988 Texas. Simply look at the hair and know. Know this, my friend…everything was big in Texas…including bangs. Evidence this photo circa 1986, me at barely 15 years old (wearing my mother’s dress, hence the ill fit) with Gary Morris at a football banquet during the rise of his hit I’ll Never Stop Loving You . Texas football is big bizness, I tell you. The movie nailed that crucial part at least. I guess I’ll have to forgive them of their oversight.

Spellbound was so endearing. I loved every kid and wanted them all to win. Well, all of them except for the spoiled brat from New Haven, but the rest were all so sweet and genuine and gracious. How the filmmakers came up with this group of kids never ceases to amaze me. Maybe it’s as simple as kids are generally good. Hmmph. Interesting.


But I’m still not having any. Kids, that is.