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>Save the Date

>I am so very glad I went out to drink with Jack tonight and not just because of the dirty joke I heard. I wish I could tell you about the evening without jeopardizing opportunity. Instead, I’ll just tell you of something else:

Ballyhoo Promotions is proud to be the producer for a fundraiser benefiting the Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club. So, mark your calendars for Friday, May 14th at 9:00 PM when $30 will get you a ticket to see The Donkey Show. Advance ticket purchase and other information coming soon.

Christian found this picture out on the web of us at a fundraiser (which I wrote about here):

I don’t care about the picture being on the web without my knowledge, but it did make me wonder how many others are out in cyberspace. I know about some scandalous pics from a Jose Cuervo promotion I did for WEBN (Bad news, mom. Sorry in advance. Good news is they won’t come to surface unless I’m rich and famous. If they surface earlier, no one will care — especially not I.) In fact, maybe I’ll post them to steal the exposé glory from anyone else.

Another paying client! Woo, woo, Ballyhoo! (Sorry.)