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>Scam Ink

> and Stage Time Magazine ran the foiled Todd Barry scammer alert I sent out. Turns out, the scammers started with authors! (Link courtesy of Rachelpink.)

Andy Kindler of the comedy tour Stand Uppity was on Late Night with David Letterman tonight and has been blogging for Befriend him and his fellow tour mates Marc Maron and Eugene Mirman at and visit for dates, venues and ticketing info. Nationally, besides a bunch of random web entries, I’ve got them booked on Bob & Tom on the morning of May 12th and Eugene recorded a bit for Mancow. If you’re radio listeners you’ll know those shows are pretty big in the markets where they are appearing. They have lots more radio coming down the pike but I won’t bore you with all that. Instead, enjoy this promotional video featuring the three irascible rogues.

Not sure irascible applies to Eugene but, whatever, I like the sound of “irascible rogues” and am sticking with it. Plus it’s hard to spell for most people but not me, spelling bee whiz! (If anything is misspelled in this blog other than irascible, I will slink away shamefully.)