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>Set those DVRs!

>Christian will be on the Morning Show with Mike & Juliet tomorrow morning on Fox talking about American Idol along with Paris Bennett. We’re watching it now and he’s taking diligent notes on what is really a boring episode. ZZZzzz! Richard Lewis did a great job on The View today and plugged Comix like a good boy. “Cool in Your Code” published a GREAT piece in today’s Metro but I can’t get their PDF file to download. Tomorrow we’ll be recording a bit for Maria Milito’s show and he’s going to Bob Costas’ show so it’s a busy day starting at 6:00 AM. Oof.

After my dentist appointment yesterday (more on that in a second), I sent out Oscar party invites yesterday and have gotten lots of RSVPs. Last year was fun and with food and drink specials and a swankier bar, this year looks like it will be just as good. (Knock on wood.) I started working on the ballot and realized I haven’t seen too many of the nominees. Time for a movie marathon! Anyway, there will be great prizes and flat screen TVs and big movie buffs to share it with so RSVP to me if you wanna join in.

So my dentist wondered if I had been flossing. He noticed in just four months a chance in the health of my gums. Ick. I basically live in an office in the kitchen of a comedy club now. If I want to floss and brush it’s in our public restroom with customers coming and going. Kind of awkward. Top that with lots of poor eating habits and late nights and four months have made a mark. Ick, ick.

Time to break out my new Sonicare.