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>Set Your Tivo

>Christian Finnegan appears on McEnroe airing tonight at 10:00 PM EST on CNBC. He does a few minutes of stand up then chats with John during which he managed to get a plug in for his upcoming 1-800-Flowers gig and Best Week Ever. Speaking of the latter, check out these bloopers from the show.

Book Launch Party

Here’s a pic of Christian and I at the book launch party for the new cookbook by Serena Bass called Serena, Food & Stories. It was great fun and well attended by lotsa fashionista types — Arnold Scaasi, Kate Spade, Plum Sykes, et. al. And Rocco DiSpirito, too, whom I chatted with about the recent photo in the NY Times of Serena’s country home. It was surreal being part of the paparazzi blast when Christian was mobbed by about six to eight photographers all at once. I don’t think he’s ever had that kind of attention thrown on him but he handled himself like a true professional comedian, and mugged with silly little smirks and hand gestures.

After they decided they had taken enough shots, my friend Sheila’s guest “whispered”, “Hmmph, I didn’t know he was ‘somebody’.” Christian insists she was then more friendly with him, but I couldn’t tell a difference. I guess “somebody”, in her book, is defined as someone worthy of the attention of photographers . . . well somebody should tell her our wallets haven’t caught up — we took the subway home.


Click here for more photos from the party. Or here for many more photos of us.