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>Shalom Harlow is a Pretentious A-Hole

>Or so I said in my Letter to the Editor of New York magazine. Turn to page 96 of the November 28, 2005, edition to get a glimpse of Shalom’s ridiculous attempts to sound really deep and caring about the environment while blowing a couple grand of cold hard cash.

Postman swipe your only copy? Here are the gems you missed via my scanned original (pardon the wrinkles, I wiped my butt with it — literally).

Until today, I’ve never written a Letter to the Editor. Here’s my initiation into the crazy world of spewing random vile via email:

Inspired by Shalom Harlow’s hyper green lifestyle, I picked up my dog’s poo with her face ripped from page 96 of the 11/28 issue.

I always thought “shalom” meant “peace”. In her case, it seems to mean “Pretentious A-Hole”.

Green lifestyles apparently cost some serious greenbacks!