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>Shocking News — Men Cheat

>HOW I LURED SIX CHEATING HUBBIES INTO MY WEB TRAP by Heather Gilmore appeared in today’s NY Post. She placed an ad on Craig’s List looking for a discreet affair. She says she got 320 total responses and “The first reply to my post came in 22 seconds. Within a half-hour, I had 80 cheats to choose from – over half were happy to send pictures of themselves into cyberspace.” They tried the counter method as well, “A male colleague posted a similar message seeking married women that did not attract a single reply.”

It is mainly for realities like the above that I really don’t believe in marriage. Yet in less than a week, I will be in Anguilla attending a beachside wedding. I attend these ritualistic farces, even those held in cold climates, for some reason and it’s not so I can drop money on airfare, hotel, new dress and gift for the couple.* I feel like such a hypocrite sitting quietly by when asked if anyone objects to the union. I do! Err, I don’t! Umm, I object!


*It must be the open bar.