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>Since I’m into reviewing things lately…

>40 Year Old Virgin was just what I had expected. I thought it was genuinely funny with sincerity and likeability despite the overt sexism, bawdyness and a few jokes that fell a bit flat. It was really well done all around. A great summer comedy.

Hustle & Flow was also good. Amazing performances were turned in by everyone. Every single one. My only complaint has nothing to do with writing or acting. The movie is flawed. Majorly. The lead, the hero, is a pimp. The rap single he’s trying to “pimp” is titled “Whoop that Trick” because, you know, some bitches gots to be smacked so they’s work that ass for you. (Insert “proper misuse” {i.e. “ghetto”} of English here.) As the hero, he must be endearing. Terrance Howard succeeds by leaps and bounds, but . . . the dude’s a pimp and one of his bitches totally back talks him and the dude doesn’t “whoop” her. He doesn’t even spit on her. Puh-lease. Even I would have knocked her in her cunt and thrown her sorry ass baby out — kid was in a car seat, yo. So, there’s the flaw…a movie hero can’t go around beating hookers senseless if we are to like him but occasionally — in reality — that’s what a pimp does. Ignore that and the movie is great.

Okay, enough trying to sound urban (gross).