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>Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

>I fell asleep on the couch last night watching my boyfriend/client Christian on TV midway through the new episode of Best Week Ever. I woke up at 11:49 this morning. That’s a solid twelve and a half hours of much needed zzz’s. I finally had a good animal dream, too. This time Paquita met Maybelline (who is en route from Louisiana to NYC as I type) and was curiously sniffing and play growling a bit. I separated the two even though Maybelline wasn’t afraid and Paquita was wagging her tail excitedly and that was the extent of my dream. Stress free and new friendships forging. Ah, much better.

I added more NOLA pictures I captured off my video camera to my Flickr photo set. They include the newborn calf’s first steps and the puppy to whom I taught three tricks (see right, click for larger image). I added a few yesterday as well and have been updating my captions, too.

Do take a peek.