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>SNL Re-Cap

>Okay, Saturday Night Live was “off the hook” or whatever the kids say these days about insanely awesome and surreal nights. We were center stage balcony, think back to the Clay Aiken sighting and you’ll know these are awesome seats. Oh, and we were seated behind Stephen Baldwin. Alec Baldwin is the best host of all time, Kristen Wiig really shined and the whole episode actually had great moments of hilarity. Christina Aguilera was the musical guest and realy rocked the first number. I’m not a big fan of the second song but she can belt a freaking tune! Surprise guests included Steve Martin (which I scooped), Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Tracy Morgan & Tina Fey.

Afterwards, Bryan gave us a tour of the writer’s room and the SNL offices including his own. He also showed us a clip of a music video he and his co-workers (Andy Samberg and two SNL writers whose names are in the video but for the life of me I can’t understand) threw together in about 20 minutes. They put it up on YouTube and it’s strangely addictive and hilarious, more so when you know Bryan and his two perfect little Gerber baby girls he has at home.

We then all piled into cars and headed to Asia de Cuba for the after party. At one point Christian stopped the conversation and noted, “We’re at the fucking Saturday Night Live after party!” Then we ate.

And it was good. The after, after party, not so much.