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>Some Assembly Required

>I have two guys in my living room assembling this very small little media storage piece. It has taken them over two and half hours and counting. “The picture is not right on the instructions,” they said. Thank God I paid the $45 to have them handle it because if they’re taking this long, I can’t imagine the troubles I would have had.

Meanwhile, I’ve destroyed/cleaned my office by going through old papers and throwing out lots of nonsense, cleaned out my closet and sent out the Latest Ballyhoo.

EDIT: They are also just slow a$$ mother fu*kers. LEAVE already!

EDIT at 7:30 – They just left WITH the piece. They really didn’t know what they were doing. One of the retractable doors was so tight to push in and out that the handle ripped right off when Christian pulled on it. I love West Elm and have lots of pieces from them. They’re re-sending the item next Sunday for assembly and will waive the $45 charge. They couldn’t have been nicer on the phone. Oh well, at least my office got really cleaned out and dusted and scrubbed from head to toe.

Want them out so I can put my pajamas back on and enjoy the pre-Emmy red carpet schtuff.