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>Some Boasting & Begging

>While chatting about the Oscars with the Best Week Ever panelists and Katie Couric [brag!], I realized that even though I had just thrown a big Oscar party, I really didn’t watch the Oscars. I was too busy grading ballots. So after the Today Show and a quick visit with my banker and graphic designer, I came home and re-watched the whole show.

I thought Jon Stewart did a fine job. It’s a tough crowd and a big house. That’s hard for any stand up. Add the pressure of the Oscars and millions of television viewers and you’ve got yourself a tricky situation. Stewart didn’t blow it.

I’ve never understood what the “big deal” was about George Clooney, but then I heard his acceptance speech. The dude is a STAR! Christian has a man crush on him (he even confessed it on The Today Show yesterday) and now so do I.

Tangent: I just got this in my inbox about the Oscar party: “I had so much fun! you totally know how to throw a party!” Yay!

Christian is at The Price is Right ticket office today trying to get me tickets for next week. OH MY GOD I need to be on this show! I am going to take my autographed photo of Bob and wear a tight tee shirt that says “I”ll Come on Down anytime!” or something like that. Plus I’m going to try and be-friend every single person I meet and generally act like I’m on speed.

Please God let me get on this show!