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>Some Morning!

>While walking with Paquita this morning, I found a velcro Spiderman wallet on the corner this morning. It had a ten dollar bill and some orange construction paper slips with little stick figure spiderman drawn on them. I’d rather have found $10, then it would be more of a little treat instead I just I feel bad for the little boy who lost it. I wish I knew who he was so I could make his day. You know he’s feeling pretty rotten about it where ever he is.

On the same corner, a mail relay box (not the regular mailbox but the green secured kind) was open and a canvas bag full of mail was inside. The lock wasn’t broken so I’m guessing the mailman just didn’t close it properly. Oops.

Then, I entered the lobby of my apartment and heard the loud, distinctive sound of a woman getting screwed. Right by her front door which is right by the lobby front door.

This is all before 11:00 AM. Wonder what the rest of the day will bring?