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>Someone Gawker Stalked my Gawker Stalking

>On the way home from picking up Maybelline, we were stopped at a red light at 1:45 AM at the convergence of 59th Street, Central Park South & Central Park West. I casually said, “Hmm, there’s John Cusack.” Christian replied, “Oh, yeah. That is him.” Nothing spectacular, just a standard NYC star sighting. John was dressed in black cargo pants and hoodie and was talking to a woman pointing towards Columbus Circle as though he were describing directions. Then they both turned around and began walking together east on 59th. Not something I ever would normally think twice about, let alone write about, but then I just read Gawker. There was a Gawker Stalking of John Cusack last night in the same location talking to a woman but many hours earlier.