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>Someone’s on a Roll


Earlier today I got an excited voice mail from Christian. He just heard Tim Russert farting on camera during Tim’s coverage of Ted Kennedy on MSNBC. “I replayed it about five times and I am positive it was a fart. I DVRd the clip so when you get home watch it! It’s between 6:06.28 and 6:07.57.”

He then called Best Week Ever and told the producer in hopes that they might air it. The first thing he asked me when he got in the door tonight, “Did you watch it?” Of course I thought he meant American Idol; but, no, he was still thinking of the gassy mishap. Why are farts so funny? I don’t get it, yet I eagerly kept my ears peeled when Christian replayed the clip for me six or eight times. Indeed, it was a fart. And I think I heard more farting later in the clip but Christian wasn’t quite sure. We gave it analysis just shy of the Zapruder film before moving on to more important things like the aforementioned American Idol finale.

I don’t have time to type out my dissertation on the whys and wherefores of who I think will win vs who should win. I’ll just say give you this:

After David Archuleta’s performance of the song “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”, Paula said, “The sun is never go down on you…” to which Christian replied, “Neither is any woman.”


“But David will go down on someone’s son.”


Ba dum bump!