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>Stereotypes abound in our world.

>That’s just the way it is. Even though I’m blonde (some days more than others), I never really feel like I’m battling the dumb blonde cliche. I may act goofy and joke at my own expense, but I’m relatively well spoken, accomplished and a quick thinker (if I do say so myself). Annnnywayyyy, my point is, we all work against stereotypes of ourselves that sometimes we don’t even know exist. For instance, I’m getting to know a new bunch of people in our new office digs and here is a conversation that transpired:

Her, referencing a cookie: “Oh, I used to love these when I was a kid.”

Me: “What are they?”

Her: “Oh, you didn’t get these? They were big down south.”

Me: “We were poor, so we really didn’t get many treats.”

Guy: “Yeah, right.”

I’m not sure why it was so impossible for him to believe, but I found myself wanting to dispel whatever myth he had dreamed up about who I was and from where I came. Maybe it’s because of the recent essay I wrote that it is so fresh to me now, whereas before I doubt I would have mentioned having gone without — but I wanted him to know, “No, seriously, I’m just white trash in disguise.” So maybe as Amber commented on the May 24th entry below, my story is just too unbelievable to make any use of it. Hmmph.


Dammit, I have witnesses and photos to prove it!