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>Here’s the article about Cisco in the Miami Herald! I’m happy to have gotten some press hits and have four additional markets I need to have similar success with for the Meow Mix House reality show.

I just got another reading under my belt at The Back Fence and have one last one scheduled for Saturday at 6:00 at KGB Bar. I’m ready and anxious to have a new piece to read so back to the keyboard.

My hairdresser Daniel was there with his awesome mother in town visiting from St. Louis! I was stunned. I’ve only gone to him three times and this last time we had the most lovely conversation but never in a million years did I imagine him coming out to see me…to this dive…on Mother’s Day…with his mom. She was so gracious saying, “You touched me. I’m 71 so I’ve seen & heard just about everything and you moved me.” She even wanted a picture with me afterwards. Thank God I actually did my hair this morning. That would have been embarrassing to run into my hairdresser with with a nappy do.

The audience was seriously drop jawed the whole time so there wasn’t the rolling laughter from my first reading. I was so much better at maintaining my breath and was more exact with my sign language but afterwards my neck and chest were all splotchy red. Luckily it wasn’t noticeable except to me. Damn nerves. Everyone…seriously everyone…kept telling me it should be a novel. This is so encouraging to me to know that I’m a good storyteller and that I don’t come across as callous or victimized or angry that this is just the way my life is. Wait till they hear about the tin shed and prior attempted murder stuff!

I hope I rock the joint this Saturday without any nervousness. Scott & Kevin will be there since we’re having a sleepover Friday night and planning our AIDS Walk details and other Tex in the City stuff. So, come out to KGB on Saturday evening (see my calendar page for details), watch my reading and meet my best pals.

I came home to find Paquita all tangled up in a plastic bag! She was excited to see me but couldn’t walk without tripping and falling over. She was so happy to get freed and walked a big arch around the bag trying her best to avoid it. What the hell was she doing while I was gone?!