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>Sucky, Sucky Monday

>I thought for sure it would be one of those days. It started off miserably with the most humid air clinging to every strand of hair. I had an afro before I’d made it to the end of my block, the subway went express unexpectedly beginning with my stop and the next stop was Times Square. Times Square in heels with thousands of tourists on leisurely strolls when you’re running late is the Universe bitch-slapping you and saying, “Slow down!” So, I did.

I resigned myself to being late to work, stopped for a real cup of coffee and made it to work just fine and looking like a melted piece of caramel. My boss wasn’t even there yet. That Universe, she’s always on top of things.

I got a free lunch during which we played “Gay or Not Gay” and tried to think of a modern-day “Dick”. My boss kept making contributions like, “Dick Van Dyke”. I guess the definition of “modern-day” depends on your perspective.

Later, Jack came in declaring, “Put away the women, children, goats and sheep, I’m back after a weekend with my wife!”

I had a productive Tex in the City meeting, a lovely dinner with Scott, made someone’s day, never had to open my umbrella and crossed more things off my To Do List than I added on. Monday, if this is your attempt at sucking, well, you suck.